3 Reasons Why You Need Your AC Ducts Cleaned in Your Florida Home

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3 Reasons Why You Need Your AC Ducts Cleaned in Your Florida Home

In Florida, you probably run your AC eight to 10 months a year. Yes, the months you don’t need to flip on the thermostat are great (especially on the energy bill), but that’s the price you pay when living in warmth and sunshine all year.

With much of your comfort dependent on a functioning HVAC system, you need to make sure it is running properly. This includes the ventilation system built into the house. Over time, dust and debris build up in the vents. Now, this might not be to the levels as our friends out in the desert, but Florida has high levels of humidity. This means debris may eventually develop mold.

Mold in the ventilation system can cause health problems while cutting down on the energy efficiency of the house as well. So, make sure you have your air ducts cleaned annually.

What are the Pros of Vent Cleaning?

Vent cleaning is a straight forward process. While you can assist by periodically cleaning vents and air intake valves around the house, you’ll need help from professionals at least once a year. Some of the pros you’ll experience from vent cleaning includes:

1. Removal of Mold

Mold doesn’t need much to sprout and grow. Basically, it needs moisture and a place to incubate. The vents in your Florida home are the perfect location for this. Metal ductwork is better as the spores are harder to cling to, but that won’t completely prevent mold from developing.

Mold in the HVAC system not only spurs along the production of mold, but it transports the mold throughout the entire house. This mean’s the kid’s room, kitchen, living room or anywhere else a vent is located. Taking advantage of an annual cleaning prevents this situation.

Removing mold can also help correct breathing problems. If you become sick easily or anyone in the house has asthma, vent cleaning is a must.

2. Ridding Your Home of Musty Odors

Living in Florida, you’ve probably walked into a home and been hit with that sudden, musty smell. Usually this is because too much moisture is in the air and has started to develop mold somewhere. Even if mold hasn’t yet started, the musty smell is a turn off and you can’t cover it up. It’ll spread to your clothing, furniture and everything else in the house. An air de-humidifier can help, but only to an extent. If you have a musty smell in the house, it likely is in your vents but annual vent cleaning will rid the problem at the source.

3. Improving Energy Efficiency

As air duct cleaning in Coral Springs and other debris builds up in the vents it begins to block passageways in the HVAC system, including the filter in the A/C. With the additional layer of dust everywhere your A/C must work overtime. This increases your energy bill and puts extra strain on the unit. Cleaning out the vents corrects these problems.

Take advantage of other A/C maintenance tips from our blog to keep your system running efficiently and don’t forget to have the ventilation ducts cleaned out annually.


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