5 Maintenance Tips for Florida Central Air Conditioners

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5 Maintenance Tips for Florida Central Air Conditioners

Florida has such a warm climate that it’s a significant part of the reason people visit and ultimately move to the Sunshine State. Winter temperatures rarely dip below the 50s, and average temperatures, even the height of summer, rarely get above 85 degrees. But the high humidity makes it a challenge to keep your home comfortable year-round. Many Floridians rely on climate control systems for maximum efficiency. A well-maintained HVAC system saves you time, money, and keeps your home at the ideal temperature for all four seasons. With regular attention to a few basic maintenance tasks, your HVAC system can run smoothly.

1. Things Are Heating Up

Mild winters mean there isn’t much call for heating in Florida, but the occasional cold snap can result in chilly nights. A checkup will ensure that your HVAC system can be pressed into service should the need arise. Depending on your system, you may need to test your carbon monoxide detector, check for leaks or do a test run of your heating system to check for unusual noises or odors.

2. Make A Clean Sweep

Outdoor components of your HVAC system will need a checkup to look for flora and fauna, both of which proliferate in the spring and summer and may try to make a home in your HVAC system for the fall and winter. Check for signs of weather damage and rust, although the latter is unlikely in newer units.

3. Picture Perfect Filters

Your HVAC system may use more than one type of filter, and all of them keep your system running efficiently. Clean filters help keep your home and HVAC system dust-free and can extend the life of your HVAC system. Check your filters about once a month, but make a special effort to do so when the seasons change.

4. A Smooth Move

Some HVAC systems have parts that need lubrication. As you switch from needing more cooling to the occasional use of heat, making sure that all parts are moving smoothly will reduce the wear and tear on the system, reducing the likelihood of costly repairs.

5. Working Hard Is Hardly Working

Regular HVAC maintenance keeps your system in peak condition, which means it can cool and heat efficiently with the minimum amount of effort. With a well-maintained system, you don’t have to compensate by setting the thermostat higher or lower than your desired temperature. Well-maintained HVAC systems run quietly and efficiently, saving you money and preserving your peace of mind.

Regular HVAC maintenance is rarely a time-consuming process; most tasks can be completed in an afternoon. Those few hours can keep your household safe and comfortable year-round. If you have any questions about HVAC maintenance or efficiency, get in touch with us.

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