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In Florida, air conditioning is a necessity, not a luxury, so why not make it the best experience possible. Keep cool all summer long and comfortable all winter with Vital A/C. Here are a few tips on the benefits of maintaining your air conditioner. Whether you have one room or a whole house, don’t make it work harder than it should. Commercial or residential no matter how big or small A/C maintenance can help you in numerous ways. Follow these tips for keeping your AC running smoothly, so your home will stay cool all season long.

The first step to understanding how your A/C works. Most central air conditioners have two basic parts: an outdoor unit (compressor/condenser) that sits next to your home and an indoor unit (evaporator) that is located in a central duct near your furnace. If you have a heat pump instead of a furnace, the indoor unit will be in the air handler.
Keeping your A/C unit clean. Vacuum the fins of you’re A/C unit clean with a soft-bristle brush. Note: they’re fragile and can easily be bent or crushed. On many units, you’ll have to unscrew and lift off a metal box to get at them. Check your owner’s manual for directions and lift off the box carefully to avoid bumping the fins.AC Maintenance In Melbourne, FL
Another tip is to get a programmable thermostat that is a must-have in today’s state of AC technology. Programmable thermostats allow you to set temperatures for various times throughout the day and automatically lower the temperature when you most need it to help you save money and manage your cooling without constantly hovering over the dial.

You can also add an In-Line Duct Booster for Home Air Conditioning Units
If you have forced-air cooling but there’s still a room that’s hotter than all the rest, a duct or vent booster fan can increase the flow of cool air into that room. Two types of booster fans are available. An in-line duct booster fan (shown) fits inside the duct of the room you’re trying to cool. You mount the fan near the outlet and it automatically kicks on when your cooling system runs.

Vent and register booster fans sit directly on top of or replace ceiling, floor or wall registers. Depending on the model, you can set it to operate automatically, control it with a switch or operate it by remote control.
You should also make sure you replace your filter as well as make sure you have the right size A/C. A/C units are carefully sized to the number of cubic feet they need to cool. That’s particularly important when you are purchasing a new AC unit or renovating your house. If an AC unit is rated for a smaller space than you have, it will work too hard to cool the air, wear out more quickly and struggle to meet the demands of the thermostat.
These are just a few tips on maintaining your A/C unit and getting the best value for your investment. Here are some benefits of maintaining your A/C

· Reduced stress – Clogged ducts and filters make the air conditioner work harder to try and put out the same amount of air. This adds stress to the motor and cooling units—causing them to break down faster.
· Improved health – A filter can only hold so much material before it eventually stops filtering air. Any air that does get through is contaminated with all the debris that it must go through. This plays havoc with allergies and irritates those with breathing problems.

· Enhanced comfort – Many people, especially the very young and the elderly, can’t handle extremes in temperature. By keeping your air conditioner in tune, you are better able to control the temperature within your home, making it comfortable for all.

Here are some things your tune-up should include:

· Check ducts for debris and clean them. If air can’t get through, it can back up into the unit and cause damage.
· Check the coolant level. If the coolant is leaking, it will not be able to work and can do damage to anything it leaks on.
· Look for broken, chipped or otherwise damaged spots on internal parts. Often these parts will have damage that isn’t readily noticeable. Continuing to run the air conditioner will ultimately result in the unit failing that will eventually need to be replaced.
· Check seals. If seals are loose, they need to be replaced. Otherwise, cold air will be leaking into the walls and not doing much good inside.
· Check thermostat. Thermostats are touchy and can register incorrect temperatures. This results in the unit putting out too much air or not enough.

Keep your air conditioner operating, as it should with scheduled AC maintenance. A tune-up is the easiest way to ensure your system is ready to keep your family comfortable during the hot summer months.

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