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Air Conditioner Installation In Melbourne, Melbourne Beach, West Melbourne, FL, And Surrounding Areas

When it comes to your AC the most important thing is that it is working properly and efficiently. You, of course, want to get the most out of your investment. When you have an issue and need repair Vital AC is here to help you. We are here to make it as easy as possible so you can enjoy your nice, clean fresh air.

Six things you may want to look out for are:Air Conditioner Installation In Melbourne, Melbourne Beach, West Melbourne, FL, And Surrounding Areas

  • Your Thermostat Doesn’t Work
  • A Noisy Air Conditioner
  • You Aren’t Getting Cold Air
  • You’re Paying For Air You Aren’t Getting
  • Moisture and Leaks
  • Bad Smells
  • Reduced Airflow

These are all signs that your AC may be in need of repair. When this happens call Vital AC and one of our efficient, certified friendly technicians will be there to assist you.

The first question you may ask about the cost of your repair. The costs to repair an air conditioning unit may vary depending on some specific problems and the model of air conditioners ranges. One of our experienced team members is here to help you and explain to you what this entails. We are here for any questions or concerns you may have.

Some common things that may need repair are An Air Conditioner compressor is responsible for generating significant internal pressure to keep cool air flowing and if the compressor fails it can be a real problem for the AC unit not working. So, learn about the AC compressor troubleshooting guide by experts to help you diagnose and repair some of the common problems.

Another issue may be that your AC is leaking. If you notice your Air conditioner leaking, or water dripping from your A/C unit, you will need to take action immediately before the issue leads to more costly damage or even a faulty air conditioning system. Contact a Vital AC HVAC professional for repair and maintenance!

Some other common problems you may have are leaks in the refrigerant, poor maintenance, faulty thermostat or failure of the electric controller. This problem can be identified and fixed by a certified HVAC technician at Vital AC.

Some other possible causes of a broken air conditioner are an old filter. Outdated air filters easily become clogged and restrict airflow throughout your entire unit. This decreases the system’s ability to cool the air inside your home. We highly recommend you clean or change your air filters at least four times a year (use the seasons as a reminder), or even better, once a month.

Low Refrigerant, Refrigerant is what your air conditioner uses to remove heat and humidity from the air in your home. Your system can sometimes develop leaks in the refrigerant lines; meaning insufficient refrigerant circulates through the system to properly cool the air. There are also some potential warning signs, which indicate you may be leaking R22 or R410A refrigerant. For example, your A/C may blow lukewarm or hot air. You may hear a hiss or bubbling noise coming from a leak in your refrigerant line.

Additionally, your refrigerant line may have ice on it. To test for leaks and diagnose the problem, there are three leak tests to consider:

  1. Electronic Leak Detector Test;
  2. Nitrogen Leak Detector Test and Bubble Test; and
  3. Dye Test

Unfortunately, fixing a low refrigerant problem isn’t just replacing the refrigerant. To fully remedy the issue, an HVAC repair technician needs to find the leaks and repair the holes in the lines. This is often a time-consuming process, especially when there are multiple leaks.

Blown capacitator, The capacitor stores energy and enables currents to pass through so your system can turn on and off when desired. Without a properly functioning capacitor, your entire HVAC unit cannot turn on. Capacitor failure is a more common issue, and can usually be fixed.

Compressure failure, When dust, grime, and dirt build-up on your condenser coil, the air conditioner can’t expel enough heat from the system. Consequently, it forces your system to constantly run in an effort to cool your space. Many times it overheats your compressor and causes it ultimately to fail. A compressor failure often leads to a recommendation to replace. This is probably the biggest and most expensive part in your air conditioner or heat pump, and the repair is labor-intensive.

Blocked Airflow, There are several reasons why your air conditioner may experience blocked airflow:

  • Leaky Air Ducts. This is the most common cause of bad airflow. It allows air to escape and your HVAC unit works less efficiently.
  • Clogged Air Conditioner Coil. Dust builds up on your air conditioner coil. This reduces the amount of airflow your furnace distributes.
  • Dirty Fan Blower. When dust builds up on the fan blower it reduces its efficiency. This prevents proper air distribution throughout your home.
  • Broken Air Ducts. Disconnected or crushed air ducts also cause bad airflow because air cannot properly circulate throughout your home.
  • Incorrectly-Sized Heating and Cooling System. The size of your air conditioning system should be determined prior to installation. If the system is undersized or oversized, you may experience airflow issues. You may also experience short cycling and strain on your equipment.

Frozen air conditioning, Your evaporator coil, located inside the blower cabinet, may freeze and prevent your air conditioner from working properly. This coil sucks hot air from inside your home and moves it outside. If your refrigerant levels are low, the evaporator coil can’t gather enough hot air to cool your house. Over time, moisture collects around the coil and freezes. This prevents the refrigerant from flowing freely throughout your system. Sadly, homeowners cannot do much to repair a frozen air conditioning unit. We strongly recommend turning your AC unit off, and calling an HVAC technician is the answer.

Our goal is to fix your Air condition properly and efficiently the first time to prevent future issues. We understand that choosing to repair your cooling system isn’t a decision that should be made lightly. This is why our experts provide you with all of the critical information you need to make the decision.

If you are looking for AC installation in coral springs FL, then you can contact Vital A/C Solutions, Inc. We offer our services with proper skills and experience.

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