How to Replace the Filter in the HVAC System

Polluted indoor air is more harmful than outdoor air because we spend most of our time indoors. Children, senior citizens, and asthma patients are more prone to the health risk of poor indoor air quality.

It causes allergies, breathing problems, respiratory issues, and triggers asthma. It’s best to keep your HVAC clean to receive non-toxic warm, and cool air indoors. There are two ways to keep your heating and cooling units, i.e., annual AC service in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and air filter replacement.

An air filter traps the dirt particles before they reach the HVAC system. A clean air filter guarantees clean airflow. In addition, you can prevent most air conditioning repairs in Coral Springs if you replace the air filters on time.

The Right Time to Replace an HVAC Air Filter

A dirty air filter causes clogging and blockage. It reduces the efficiency of the HVAC mechanism. A dirty AC filter can also lead to repairs and AC replacement in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Replace the Air Filter Once Every Month When

1. You have two or more pets
2. A family member suffers from asthma
3. There are more than 4-6 members in the family

Replace the Air Filter Once Every Two Months

  1. You have one pet at home
  2. There are children and senior citizen
  3. The size of the air filter is 2-3 inches

Replace the Air Filter Once Every 3-6 Months

  1. No pets, children, and pre-existing health issues
  2. The air filter size is 4-5 inches

If you have large-size air filters and air purifiers at home, repair the AC filter only once a year. The technician will replace it during the annual AC service in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Steps to Replace the Air Filter

  • Begin by turning off the power switch
  • Locate the air filter in the return duct
  • Unscrew the cover of the return duct and remove the air filter
  • Make sure your new air filter has the same size as the old air filter
  • Clean the return duct and remove all the dust
  • After cleaning it, place the new air filter. The arrow on the air filter should be pointing toward the return duct.
  • Screw the cover on the return duct.

If your HVAC uses a washable filter, clean it once every 60-90 days to cut costs on air conditioning repairs in Coral Springs.

In Summary

Replacing the air filter has multiple benefits, but the primary reason to replace air filters is the prevention of health risks. Vital A/C Solutions, Inc., can provide many other solutions to enhance indoor air quality. We are a family-owned HVAC company that cares for our clients like family.

Call us to schedule HVAC maintenance and AC replacement in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

How do HVAC Systems Improve Our Quality of Life?

5 Ways the HVAC system makes our life easy

It Maintains Cool Temperatures During Summer

Summer brings along sweat and stress with it. Many of us struggle to work and follow our daily routine as the temperature rises due to the hard-to-bear temperatures. An air conditioning system blows the cool air and provides respite. To schedule an air conditioning service in Margaret, FL contact Vital A/C Solutions, Inc.

Florida residents often look for HVAC contractors in Margaret, FL, for AC installation or tune-up during spring to prepare themselves for summer. 

It Provides Warmth During Winter

If your home has a heating system, nothing will hinder your work. You will also stay healthy and content, due to the comfortable and warm indoors.

Clean and Fresh Air

Indoor air pollution is far more dangerous than outdoor pollution. The filter and dehumidifier in the HVAC unit ensure you get clean and fresh air inside your home. Poor air quality also leads to several respiratory problems, itching, rashes, and high medical bills.

The HVAC system prevents all these problems by improving indoor air quality. If your HVAC cannot provide clean air, a replacement is your best option. For air conditioning repair in Coral Springs Call Vital A/C Solutions, Inc.

Comfort for Many Years

The HVAC system is a one-time investment for 20 or more years. It will take care of your comfort and your health for decades. With timely furnace and air conditioning service in Margaret, FLyour HVAC system may last up to 30 years.

Take Care of Mental Health

The extreme summers or winters do not just affect your physical health. It also causes sleep issues and stress. After all, comfort matters the most for a good and stress-free life. An HVAC system ensures your comfort, and in this way, it takes care of your mental health.

Bottom Line

Installing an HVAC is worth your money, but if your HVAC unit is troubling you for any reason, don’t worry. Hire our technician and get in touch with Vital A/C Solutions, Inc. for affordable and durable HVAC installation, replacement, heating, tune-up. We also provide superior air conditioning repair in Coral Springs.  Call Vital A/C Solutions or email us to book a service.

What is the Work of Ductless Air Conditioners?

Ductless air conditioning systems are the latest addition to our daily comfort. In recent years, residents have been more prone to getting ductless AC installation in Coral Springs, FL.

Before you purchase a ductless AC for your home, you should know some details regarding the system. This particular system is gaining popularity because it frees you from the ductwork tension.

An Introduction to the Ductless Air Conditioners System

Ductless AC systems, also known as mini-split AC systems, use indoor air handlers and outdoor units to cool individual rooms. The indoor unit is installed on the ceiling or wall to disperse cool and comfortable air in the room, and on the other hand, the outdoor unit consists of a compressor, blower, and condenser.

According to ductless service repair in Margate, FL, the mini-split AC systems can have multiple indoor units but one outdoor unit. To set up such a system at home, consult a professional service beforehand.

Let's Learn How This Split Air Conditioners Works

The entire operation of a ductless AC system depends on its two significant parts – indoor and outdoor units.

The Indoor Unit

The indoor unit has an evaporator unit used to disperse the cool air in your room. The copper tubing plays a vital role in the indoor section. Warm air is collected and blown into the evaporator coils. The heat and humidity then travel to the outdoor section via the copper tubes, and in turn, the cold air gets blown back into your room.

The Outdoor Unit

This unit is responsible for transforming refrigerant into liquid form and dispersing heat to the outside. This operation is only possible because the compressor, condenser, and blower work together. If you find any problem in this unit, contact our professional HVAC repair service in Margate, FL.

Benefits of Having a Ductless Air Conditioners System at Home

  • The benefit of ductless AC installation in Coral Springs, FL, is that you can stop worrying about leakages in the ducts because there will be no ducts.
  • The operation of the split AC systems is less noisy and more efficient.
  • The ductless system consumes less energy for its operation, and as a result, your monthly energy bill will be within your budget.
  • You can choose as per your need which room requires heating and cooling. You can personalize your comfort.
  • The outdoor unit is also manufactured in a way that doesn’t make any noise.


A Ductless AC system can be a bit more expensive than your conventional AC system. But in the long run, with all these benefits, it will be a wise and profitable choice. 

For professional ductless repair service in Margate, FL, contact, Vital A/C Solutions, Inc., Our trained and experienced professionals are equipped with modern technology to address your AC needs as early as possible. Call us at (954)-821-8640 to learn more.

How Does Cleaning Air Ducts Can Improve Your Air Quality

Are you noticing more dust lying around your interiors no matter how much you keep your home clean? Along with this, have your energy bills also increased unexpectedly?

This probably indicates that your ducts need cleaning, and that you should contact a professional. The air you breathe inside your home should be clean and pure to ensure a better quality of life.

Contact Vital A/C Solutions, Inc. for the best HVAC and duct cleaning in Coral Springs, FL.

Information About Air Ducts Cleaning

Duct cleaning is the thorough inspection and cleaning of the inside of your air ducts by an HVAC professional. It removes all the dirt and debris buildup inside your ducts, especially where you can’t see and reach normally.

Benefits of Cleaning Air Ducts

Cleaning the ducts has many benefits. Here is a list of benefits that will help you understand why duct cleaning is essential for your system:

Removes Dust and Pollutants

Annual duct cleaning is recommended by many experts, as dirt and debris don’t take much time to find a way inside your ducts. This dirt and debris buildup prevents your system from working smoothly by restricting the airflow through the ducts.

As these ducts are located in cool and dark places, mildew and other contaminants can also build up inside your ducts and spread throughout your home. By calling one of our professionals for air duct cleaning in Coral Springs, you eliminate the allergens and pollutants that circulate in your home and keep your indoor air quality good.

Improves the Efficiency of Your System

An efficient HVAC system provides you with good heating or cooling experience with almost no interruptions. However, your system will have to work hard to blow your favorite warm or cool air when the ducts are blocked due to dust and dirt buildup. It reduces your system’s efficiency, and you may notice cold spots and uneven heating in your home.

Cleaning ducts is necessary to improve the system’s efficiency as it prevents your ducts from blockages and enhances indoor air quality. Apart from this, it also helps in extending the unit’s lifespan while keeping the energy bills low.

Prevent System Failure

If there is too much dust and dirt present in your ducts, it will get into your HVAC system, resulting in many problems. Without cleaning, your ducts will get clogged and start using more energy to provide heating or cooling to your home, leading to extra strain, risk of breakdown, and unwanted repairs.

It can also lead to frozen evaporator coils, broken motors, and failed compressors, restricting your HVAC from functioning efficiently. Calling a professional for duct cleaning will help you monitor any potential problems and save you money on costly repairs.


If you have doubts about the air quality in your home, calling a professional is the best option. We at Vital A/C Solutions, Inc. have years of experience providing the best services you deserve. Whether you need air purifier installation in Margate, FL, or a repair, contact us. We are glad to help!

Why Does My AC Seem To Be Dripping Water?

Have you ever wondered how the hot air circulating in your home converts to cool air when you turn the AC on? The evaporator coil, filled with refrigerant, absorbs the indoor heat and transfers this hot liquid to the condenser. The condenser extracts the cool air from the refrigerant through condensation. This condensation process leaves excessive moisture near coils.

The moisture passes through the drip pan and moves outdoors through the drainage line. However, this process does not involve any leakage, and if your AC is dripping water, the condensation process is not the reason, but some other fault or damage.

5 Reasons Your Air Conditioning is Leaking Water.

Sometimes, you may notice that your AC unit is dripping water or you hear bubbling noises, which means that some internal problem is blocking the way for excessive water.

This excess water is leaking through the AC instead of moving out. The water leakage can damage your AC unit. The problems that cause AC dripping water are:

Clogged Drain Lines

We often forget to clean the drainage, but as various particles pass through the drain lines, some particles may get stuck there and clog the drain lines. This clogging will not let water drain outside.

Therefore, this problem makes stagnant water leak through the AC. Just pour some chlorine bleach into the drain lines and then flush it. It will remove all the unwanted particles that block the drainage.

A Faulty Condenser

A condenser throws the excess water out. If the condenser is damaged or faulty, it will not perform its function well. This inefficiency sometimes results in leakage. You will have to schedule an AC service in Fort Lauderdale, FL, to troubleshoot a faulty condenser.

Damaged Drip Pan

If a drip pan is broken or cracked, the water that should flow towards the drain line will leak through the cracks of the drip pan, causing your AC to drip water.

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty AC filter makes all other AC components dirty as it fails to trap the dirt particles. It will cause clogging in the AC filter and other AC components. The clogging will then affect the overall mechanism of your AC. It may result in refrigerant leakage.

Not Enough Refrigerant

Low refrigerant makes it hard for the evaporator coil and condenser to transfer the cool or hot liquid. It also results in the build-up of ice blocks on the coils. The ice, when it melts, leads to AC dripping water.

Contact the technician to refill the refrigerant to solve this problem. If your AC runs on Freon, you must look for an AC replacement in Fort Lauderdale, FL, as Freon has been banned in 2020.


Schedule AC service in Coral Springs immediately to avoid severe damage due to leakage. If you are struggling with a leaking AC unit, the long-lasting and reliable services of Vital A/C solutions is what you need. Text us to hire a technician for your HVAC system.

In What Situations Do Air Conditioner Need More Refrigerants?

We all know that condenser, evaporator, compressor, air filter, blower fan, etc., are the AC parts that contribute to the soothing atmosphere we get at home, but what is the main element that keeps us cool? What circulates cool air indoors when we use our AC?

It is the Refrigerant.

The refrigerant is the liquid filled in AC during installation. Whether you have ductless AC or central air conditioning, the indoor unit of both systems is connected to the outdoor unit through a refrigerant line. This refrigerant line helps in the transfer of cool and hot air.

What leads to low refrigerant amounts?

If the refrigerant amount is too low to circulate, you will need to fix this problem by scheduling an air conditioning repair in Coral Springs. Curious to know what leads to low refrigerant amounts? There are two main reasons:

Coolant Leakage Due to Damage or Clogging

If your AC is dirty for too long, this will result in clogging. The clogging then blocks the way for refrigerants to move. Then the stagnant liquid will leak through the coil. This leakage will decrease the amount of coolant in your air conditioner.

Insufficient Filling of Refrigerant

Sometimes, the HVAC technician does not check the refrigerant requirement properly. Thus, the coolant they fill in your air conditioner during AC installation in Coral Springs is not enough to cool the room for a longer duration. It makes you struggle with ineffective cooling.

Signs That Indicate Low Refrigerant

Some AC malfunctions are the outcome of low coolant. These signs let you know if your air conditioner needs refrigerant.

The Air Conditioner Stopped Cooling

The main culprit is too low refrigerant if you are not getting any cool air from your air conditioner. The refrigerant is mainly responsible for the cool air. If there is not enough coolant, the AC will fail to cool. Weak airflow is also an outcome of insufficient refrigerant.

High Electricity Charges

When your AC has low refrigerant, the mechanism will have to work hard to provide you with cool air. This excessive hard work by AC adds expenses to your monthly electricity bills. Thus, you can observe a sudden rise in your utility bills when the AC unit needs refrigerant.

Too Much Humidity

If your AC cannot circulate cool air due to low refrigerant, your indoors will be occupied by hot air. This hot air will naturally increase the humidity level. Therefore, too much humidity is probably a result of too low coolant.


When you face these problems, hire an HVAC expert for AC repair in Coral Springs to know if you need refrigerant filling.

Vital A/C solutions can fill your system with sufficient refrigerant. We provide 24/7 services in Coral Springs, Palm Beach, Margate, FL, and nearby locations. We also offer the best HVAC maintenance plan and finance services. Contact us now to schedule service with Vital A/C solutions.

Some Tips For Fixing an Air Conditioning Unit

If you require a commercial air conditioning professional in Lauderdale, FL the expense of fixing your air conditioner could end up being rather significant.

Even in circumstances where an expensive repair is necessary, you can undertake some troubleshooting on your system before contacting a professional for assistance.

Tips for Repairing an Air Conditioning Unit

Determine Whether the Thermostat is the Source of the Problem

Adjust the thermostat’s temperature setting when the air conditioning mode is on. If the furnace’s fan is not running, it may be necessary to reset the circuit breaker.

If the fan still refuses to start, you should contact a professional for air conditioning service in Margate, FL, since the solutions described here will not work.

Consider Cleaning the Fins

Using a vacuum and a brush with soft bristles, clean the fins of your air conditioning machine. Due to their fragility, they are subject to being crushed or bent.

To obtain access, first unscrew and remove a metal enclosure. Consult the device’s handbook to determine how to remove the box, and be careful not to harm the fins.

Verify the Correctness of the Thermostat

If batteries power the device, all it might need is a new pair of batteries.
Verify that the thermostat is set to a temperature lower than the current room temperature. Verify that the system is not off or set to run solely on the fan.

Your System Produces Absolutely No Cool Air

Having access to cool air is essential during the hottest months. If your home’s air conditioner isn’t providing cool air, a clogged air filter may be to blame.

This issue is simple to resolve without requiring air conditioning repair in Fort Lauderdale. At least once every month, you should replace the air filter. It will prevent dirt and debris from clogging the condenser unit of your air conditioner.

Frequently Change the Filter

If the air circulation in your home exceeds a specific threshold, then your air conditioning system will work at its maximum capacity. If the filters are dirty, the air in your home will be poorer. Circulation will be drastically reduced, requiring the system to operate for a more extended period and at a higher intensity.

Consequently, you must replace the filters to avoid air conditioning repair in Fort Lauderdale. Changing an air conditioner’s filters every two months is usually recommended to improve its cooling capacity significantly.


Suppose you have previously attempted the aforementioned do-it-yourself solutions, and your air conditioner continues to be problematic. In that case, you should take the assistance of commercial air conditioning in Lauderdale, FL. A trained professional will be able to assess whether there are any difficulties and give recommendations for any essential air conditioning repairs.

Now is the ideal time to confirm that your system is operating efficiently. If you are experiencing issues, you should contact a professional from Vital A/C Solutions, Inc., who can support you in repairing or replacing your air conditioning system.

Why Won’t Your Air Conditioner Turn On? Check These 9 Things

During the sweltering summer months, air conditioning is vital to our survival. If we did not have it, we would be unable to escape the oppressive heat and humidity. Consequently, when your air conditioner doesn’t turn on, you may experience a sense of worry and call for AC service in Coral Springs.

Leading Nine Causes of an Air Conditioner that Won't Turn On

A Trip in the Circuit Breaker

When circuit breakers detect excessive electrical current, they are configured to shut off automatically. The circuit breaker tripping could have been caused by the simultaneous usage of an excessive number of appliances.

Surroundings of the Outside Unit

Landscaping, fallen leaves, mud, and other debris can restrict the airflow through the outdoor unit of your air conditioner, causing it to overheat. Check at least two feet of clearance around the unit and several feet of support in the vertical direction. Remove any waste impeding the airflow and causing AC repair in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The Outside Unit is Facing Direct Heat

The outdoor unit must not receive direct sunlight or any other hot emissions. Generally speaking, outdoor air conditioning units emit the most heat from the top, which is why they require substantial headroom above them.

Defected Control Board

A component known as a control board or PCB assembly is almost invariably present in contemporary air conditioners. Identifying the root of the problem might be challenging and, in some cases, require AC replacement in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Difficulties with the Components

The components of an air conditioner function as a power reserve, allowing your air conditioner to kick on and continue to operate. Many components eventually fail and must be replaced by an expert for AC replacement in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Old Capacitors

Most air conditioners require at least two capacitors within the exterior unit to function correctly. One of these components is the start capacitor, while the other is the run capacitor, despite their appearance as large batteries. They lose the power of effective functioning eventually and must be replaced.

The Fuse Appears to have Blown

You must use a multimeter and conduct a continuity test to establish whether or not your fuses are functioning correctly. Investigate both fuses. The fuses operate properly if the multimeter generates a beep.

Evaporator Coil Contamination

Debris that collects on various parts of your air conditioning system not only reduces the system’s efficiency but also has the potential to cause total failure, despite several AC repairs in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Clogged Filters and Components

As a result of the usual debris that we produce in our daily lives, the evaporator coils, condenser, and filter of your air conditioner may become clogged with dander, grime, dust, and other undesirable particles. Each air conditioner component is subject to accumulating dust and other particles.


We recommend that you contact a professional from Vital A/C Solutions, Inc. for a thorough checkup to avoid future issues. Adhere to the maintenance schedule and have annual inspections performed by an expert in AC service in Coral Springs.

When Do Air Conditioning Require More Refrigerants?

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding air conditioners is that refrigerant has to be added to them often. Unless there is a problem with your system, your air conditioner does not require extra refrigerant. Let’s look at how refrigerant works before discussing when an air conditioner requires more of it.

Why is the Refrigerant Used?

Refrigerant is a fluid that moves back and forth between your air conditioner’s interior and exterior parts. It is a cold liquid that absorbs heat from the air within your house when it is there, and it is a heated gas that distributes heat into the outer air while it is outside your home.

Even though refrigerant does a lot of work and regularly transforms from a liquid to a gas, unless anything goes wrong, no refrigerant is wasted throughout the air conditioning process. Get in touch with a professional for AC service in Coral Springs.

When does a Cooling system require extra refrigerant?

A Refrigerant Leak is Present

The most common cause of a refrigerant shortage in an air conditioner is a leak in the refrigerant line. Understanding this is essential since a shoddy contractor can repair the issue by only adding additional refrigerant. A refrigerant leak needs to be fixed first, and additional refrigerant must be injected. You shouldn’t need any additional refrigerant after this leak is corrected until another leak appears.

You Charged your System Incorrectly

Another possibility is that not enough refrigerant was put into your system when it was installed by a professional. If this is the case, more refrigerants will need to be added. Unless your system develops a leak, you shouldn’t require more. It is just one of the reasons it’s important only to choose the best contractors of air conditioning in Coral Springs.

The Refrigerant has a Buildup of Ice

You can be low on Freon if you check your air conditioner or outdoor central air unit with the fan and notice a block of ice forming on the refrigerant line. The evaporator coil gets too cold when your air conditioner runs out of Freon, which makes the cold liquid refrigerant flow back to the refrigerant line.

As a result, the nearby moisture on the refrigerant line will begin to freeze. You need Freon if this is the case. If you do not have this problem fixed, Freon might leak into the compressor unit. If this occurs, your compressor might be damaged or destroyed, resulting in an even more costly issue. You could even have to replace the AC system as a whole.

Electric Expenses have Increased

Your power bill will likely change if your air conditioner operates continuously or more frequently than it should. It might be a clue that your air conditioner needs freon if you see a rise in your bill that is significantly more expensive than the regular leap you experience during hot weather.

For AC repair in Coral Springs, contact Vital A/C Solutions, Inc. We provide the best HVAC services; reach out to us today.

Why is My Air Conditioner Running Constantly?

Being hot and sticky in the summer is unpleasant, and running your AC for a long time may get costly. As we approach the summer months, now is an excellent opportunity to investigate the most common causes of your AC running all day.

You can use a few easy troubleshooting steps to either cure the problem or locate the root of the problem. There are several causes why your AC system may appear to be operating continuously. Get in touch with a professional for AC repair in Margate, FL.

How does a Regular Running Air Conditioner Cause a Problem?

Air conditioners are running more frequently than they should have two main problems. The more frequently your AC operates, the more energy it uses and the higher your power expenses. The second issue is that it will place a lot of strain on your system and its components, perhaps resulting in malfunctions and the need for repairs.

You might be Running your Air Conditioner Constantly for the following Reasons

Your Air Conditioner is Insufficient

When a new air conditioner is installed in your house, your contractor must check that the size is appropriate for the size of your home. If your air conditioner is very small, it will frequently run since it isn’t strong enough to fulfill your home’s cooling needs. The only option is to have an appropriately sized air conditioner installed in your house.

Your Air Conditioner is Starting to Fail

Various system components might become inefficient, requiring your air conditioner to operate considerably more frequently than it used to keep your home cool. A modern air conditioner will not only have shorter cooling cycles but will also use significantly less energy.

There are Air Leaks in your Home

Air leaks may form around windows and doors and in ducts. Because these leaks enable conditioned air to exit your home, your air conditioner must produce more cold air and operate more frequently than it should. To avoid this, plug any leaks in your property, particularly around your windows and doors.

Your Cooling Coils are Dirty

Your air conditioner works harder to remove heat from your house when the cooling coils are not clean. That’s why it’s so important to have them cleaned during an annual tune-up or to contact a professional for commercial air conditioning in Margate, FL.

Your Thermostat is Configured to Run Continuously

Your AC can only manage a certain temperature differential between inside and outside your home. If your thermostat is set to 65 degrees and the outside temperature is 95 degrees, your air conditioner must run continually to keep up.


It’s important to remember that on particularly hot days, your air conditioner will likely run more frequently than usual. Don’t be alarmed; as the temperature drops to more moderate levels, your cooling cycles will resume as usual. For more information on HVAC repair in Margate, FL, contact Vital A/C Solutions, Inc.