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We desire comfortable and refreshing indoor air at our office, companies, stores, etc. and this is why air conditioning is essential. This demand for commercial air conditioning in Lauderdale, FL is at an all time high and presently, every commercial building is equipped with an HVAC system.

Commercial Air Conditioning V/S Residential Air Conditioning

Both commercial and residential air conditioners are designed to cool the room; the installation process, maintenance requirement, size, and operations are different in both air conditioning systems. The residential HVAC system is smaller than the commercial one. The residential air conditioners require less maintenance, are easier to install, and are less noisy if we compare them with the commercial air conditioning in Margate, FL.

The installation process of a commercial system is more complex. Residential AC usually get installed in the house’s backyard, but the commercial systems are installed on the building’s roof as they are noisier. The residential system is a stand-alone, that’s why its maintenance is not too expensive, and the installation process is quicker than the commercial one.

The condition of the commercial HVAC system can also degrade, and it also requires repairs.

  • When does the Commercial Air Conditioning Need a Repair?

Like the residential HVAC system, the commercial system also shows some symptoms when it reaches the stage for repair. 

These excellent repair conditions are:

  • A Week and Warm Airflow

The most important purpose of any air conditioning system is to cool down the room. Still, when it circulates warm air, the air conditioning system requires special attention and immediate repair. 

  • Unusual Disturbing Noises 

Even though the commercial system is noisier than residential, when you hear the unusual loud rattling, screeching, or gurgling noises, this thing is not common and needs to be fixed with a repair.

  • Short Cycling Again and Again 

Short cycling of the air conditioner can be caused due to leakage, low refrigerant level, and insufficient power supply. Only a skilled and experienced technician can handle this problem.

Contact the technician soon after the short cycling becomes frequent.

  • Limit Crossing Electricity Bills

When the electricity bill breaks its record every month, this means a huge loss of money due to the overconsumption of energy. A repair can help troubleshoot the root cause of the increasing energy consumption and reduce the energy bills.

These are the common symptoms when the commercial air conditioning system needs a repair. Such problems need to be handled carefully, and trust a licensed HVAC professional to troubleshoot any of these problems.

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