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How to Avoid AC Scammers in Florida

Choosing a contractor who’s the best fit for you is challenging enough, but what about scammers?

At Vital AC, we hear unfortunate stories of how people are conned out of their money. Scammers primarily target the elderly, people looking for cheaper solutions, or locations going through a tough season and nothing frustrates us more than hearing how these crooks take advantage of your trust and abuse it.

If you’re a homeowner who’s been scammed or are simply looking out for these frauds here are some common tricks they use.

Scammer Tactics

  • Convincing you to fix/replace something that doesn’t need fixing/replacing.
  • Recommending oversized AC units.
  • Acting as though they fixed something.
  • Impersonating honest companies (especially over the phone).
  • Offering “too good to be true” deals.
  • Inflated prices
  • Offering used parts
  • Requiring more tune-ups than usual
  • Requesting a large quantity of money upfront
  • Only verbal offers
  • High-pressured selling
  • Non-qualified workers

To avoid going through these headaches here are three ways to avoid getting scammed.

1. Do your Homework

Scammers feed off homeowners’ lack of HVAC knowledge.

This is often why the elderly are among their top targets. While coming off as telemarketers they offer services and inspections at supposedly affordable prices. Once a service is agreed to they show up, do a fake inspection, and recommend unnecessary replacements or maintenance.

Another favorite of theirs is to go door to door with the excuse that they noticed something was off with your HVAC system and once they have you convinced, they request most or part of the money straight up.

The bottom line is they do their homework and they know their victims. This doesn’t mean you can’t arm yourself with knowledge!


Before you agree to any inspection, service, or contract research the company. If they called you, check the caller ID for a company name. Then, if the company doesn’t appear search the phone number provided. If the company name doesn’t match with the number beware!

Is their vehicle marked or branded? It is extremely rare for a legitimate AC company not to have the company logo on the vehicle.

Are they pushing for immediate repairs? Don’t be pressured by scare tactics like a “toxic mold issue” or a “bad compressor” where they request a large amount of money upfront followed by more appointments. A quick Google search can educate you on the basics of a bad compressor.


Reputable companies at the very least have an online presence. They cannot afford not to have some type of social media page as it harms the reliability of businesses now. As you search for positive reviews keep in mind that phony reviews can also be written and there usually aren’t review pages without at least a couple of neutral or subpar ratings.

2. Compare & Contrast

A trustworthy company will never press you for immediate repair and replacement. They will take the time to educate you on what you need so you can make an informed decision about the service and what it entails.

If you still want to see other options, it never hurts to get a second opinion on pricing. This way you can know if what you’re being offered is overpriced plus you get the average estimates for equipment, installations, repairs, labor, and maintenance.


An AC contractor certification is important, but another great thing to check out is the Better Business Bureau. This is an excellent resource to help you find qualitative service and a great reference for legitimate businesses. Companies listed with the BBB are licensed professionals and come highly recommended.

3. Build a Relationship

Documentation is Key

A great contractor can provide you with documentation and a contractor’s license number. They should have their information supported by a true company. Their business should have a verifiable company number and a local business address. This is the type of information you want to get in writing.

As a homeowner, the mechanics, repairs, and components aren’t things you know about at the top of your head. The mistake some homeowners make is accepting a verbal agreement and just taking their word for it. Don’t let them con you by starting off with the initial low price than changing it to something unexpected.

The warranty for price and services, dates, itemized parts, service fees, materials, and other payment details can protect you and if the contractor can’t provide a warranty and follow through with the agreements it is best to walk away.

Character Consistency

If you notice your contractor making dramatic claims about threats to your safety, tread cautiously and consider a second opinion. Professionals explain whether parts are worth repairing or replacing and educate you on the best decisions for your home.

They should also demonstrate consistency with appointments and regular checkups.

If you have a contractor, check how proactive they are about following up with maintenance. Those are the best ones.

Once that trust is established, feel free to ask questions about each service with technicians.


Trust your instincts and common sense. Don’t be a victim, you don’t have to be an expert technician to recognize a scammer when you see one.

There are online searches you can do to check the company transparency, credentials, and reviews to know if you’re getting what you’re paying for. You have tools available to compare rates and estimates so you can properly budget for the required expenses.

Also, having consistent service from a reliable company eases the stress and burden of selecting the right contractor and avoiding terrible con artists. Vital AC has our references and other information you may need at our homepage.


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