How to choose the right Central AC for your Florida Home

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How to choose the right Central AC for your Florida Home

Central air conditioners have become more affordable and energy efficient, making them the best choice for cooling homes large and small. Central air conditioning offers even, quiet cooling, so you won’t have to talk over noisy fans or deal with hot spots. The clear majority of new homes have central air conditioning, but it’s very easy to fit them into older homes, and will improve any home’s resale value. Central air conditioning is an investment, so it’s best to consider your home’s structure and your cooling needs before you make a purchase.

If your home does not currently have air ducts, you may have them installed, or choose a ductless air conditioning system. Installing air ducts can take some add expense, and would make a substantial permanent change to your home. Ductless air conditioners affix to the wall, but you will have a broader choice of models if your home has air ducts.

Consider how your home is used. Think about areas that you spend most of your time in. If some areas see substantially greater traffic, you may want a programmable system with zones, so you aren’t cooling bedrooms at times when you’re in the living room or kitchen, or cooling an empty kitchen late at night. Some areas may need little cooling at any time of day, such as entrance areas.

What many non-Floridians would be surprised to learn is that Florida does have its chilly winter nights, even if they are mild. If you’re inclined to reach for the sweatshirts and blankets in winter, consider a heat pump unit, which can do double duty for those cooler nights.

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Ask your contractor about units that work well with dehumidifying heat pipes. Air conditioners can dry out the air somewhat, but if you have trouble with mold or respiratory problems, you may need more moisture drawn out of the air than what some units ordinarily do. At Vital A/C Solutions, Inc., We offer commercial air conditioning in Margate, FL at an unbeatable cost. Our main motive only is customer satisfaction.

When you’re shopping for central air conditioning units, your contractor will calculate a recommended size for your unit based on several factors. This recommended size may differ from homes of a similar size but different design, varying amounts of insulation, or in different areas. If you’re getting calculations that different greatly from similar homes in your area, ask the contractor to explain their calculations.

If your home has air ducts, your contractor will examine these to ensure they are the proper size and condition for the air conditioning unit you want. Your air ducts may need maintenance, or they might not be the proper size for the unit recommended. Having the right ducts in working order will give you the best return on your investment, as dilapidated, poorly fitted ducts can be noisy and inefficient. If you’re concerned about the costs, shop around and ask questions about what’s being offered at the prices given.

The work you put into choosing the right central air conditioning system will pay off with years of quiet, cool comfort for your home, with easy maintenance.