How To Replace Filters In An HVAC System

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How To Replace Filters In An HVAC System

Having a properly functioning HVAC system is essential no matter where you live. Not only does it keep your home comfortable year-round, but it also helps maintain good air quality. A crucial aspect is to replace the air filters regularly to ensure that your system runs optimally. This blog post will look at when to change your filters and how to do it properly, or you can schedule AC repair in Fort Lauderdale, FL, with us for professional air filter replacement.

One of the primary goals of any heating or cooling system should be efficiency. Regularly changing the air filter helps reduce strain on the motor while helping maximize airflow and indoor air quality. Generally, you should replace your filter every 30 – 60 days, depending on usage and other factors like pets or allergies in the home. If you’re changing them more often than that, consider upgrading from a standard fiberglass filter to MERV 8 or higher for better protection against dust particles and allergens.

How To Change Your Filters

Changing filters is a simple task for anyone handy around their own home. All you need is a new filter the same size as the existing one and some basic tools like a screwdriver or pliers if necessary. Here are some easy steps for changing out your filters:

  • Start by locating the return vent where cold air is returned to the HVAC unit before going through an AC coil or furnace heat exchanger inside the unit cabinet outside your home.
  • Once located, look for an access panel covering either one large filter or several smaller sizes (depending on the model).
  • Loosen any screws or latches holding them in place with pliers or a screwdriver.
  • Pull out old filters carefully and discard them.
  • Insert new filters making sure they line up correctly – different sizes may fit differently, so double-check before going further.
  • Once lined up securely, fasten the access panel back onto the return vent.
  • Repeat the process for each return vent if more than one exists.
  • Test the system by turning the thermostat on and off again.

Although replacing an HVAC filter may seem straightforward, hiring a professional is always recommended to ensure the job is done correctly. At Vital A/C Solutions, Inc., we are one of the best HVAC contractor in Fort Lauderdale. Our skilled technicians will replace your air filter professionally to ensure maximum efficiency. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us regarding any HVAC requirements you may have.

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