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How to Replace the Filter in the HVAC System

Polluted indoor air is more harmful than outdoor air because we spend most of our time indoors. Children, senior citizens, and asthma patients are more prone to the health risk of poor indoor air quality.

It causes allergies, breathing problems, respiratory issues, and triggers asthma. It’s best to keep your HVAC clean to receive non-toxic warm, and cool air indoors. There are two ways to keep your heating and cooling units, i.e., annual AC service in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and air filter replacement.

An air filter traps the dirt particles before they reach the HVAC system. A clean air filter guarantees clean airflow. In addition, you can prevent most air conditioning repairs in Coral Springs if you replace the air filters on time.

A dirty air filter causes clogging and blockage. It reduces the efficiency of the HVAC mechanism. A dirty AC filter can also lead to repairs and AC replacement in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Replace the Air Filter Once Every Month When

1. You have two or more pets
2. A family member suffers from asthma
3. There are more than 4-6 members in the family

Replace the Air Filter Once Every Two Months

  1. You have one pet at home
  2. There are children and senior citizen
  3. The size of the air filter is 2-3 inches

Replace the Air Filter Once Every 3-6 Months

  1. No pets, children, and pre-existing health issues
  2. The air filter size is 4-5 inches

If you have large-size air filters and air purifiers at home, repair the AC filter only once a year. The technician will replace it during the annual AC service in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Steps to Replace the Air Filter

  • Begin by turning off the power switch
  • Locate the air filter in the return duct
  • Unscrew the cover of the return duct and remove the air filter
  • Make sure your new air filter has the same size as the old air filter
  • Clean the return duct and remove all the dust
  • After cleaning it, place the new air filter. The arrow on the air filter should be pointing toward the return duct.
  • Screw the cover on the return duct.

If your HVAC uses a washable filter, clean it once every 60-90 days to cut costs on air conditioning repair in Coral Springs.

In Summary

Replacing the air filter has multiple benefits, but the primary reason to replace air filters is the prevention of health risks. Vital A/C Solutions, Inc., can provide many other solutions to enhance indoor air quality. We are a family-owned HVAC company that cares for our clients like family.

Call us to schedule HVAC maintenance and AC replacement in Fort Lauderdale, FL.



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