8 HVAC Tips to Protect the Health of Your Family when you have a Pet!

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8 HVAC Tips to Protect the Health of Your Family when you have a Pet!

Those furry friends are just as much part of the family as everyone else!

We know that it is crucial to maintain your HVAC system for any homeowner, but it becomes even more critical when we have pets at home. Having a pet in the house becomes one of the best family members we could have; they love us unconditionally and are always delighted to meet us! They make our home and our lives infinitely better. It is like having a baby in the house who should be taken care of most of the time.

Looking for HVAC services? We, at Vital A/C Solutions in Broward County and Palm Beach County in Florida and surrounding areas offer home air conditioner repair services 24/7. In this blog, we will share certain tips with you which you can take care of when you have a pet in your home.

Due to fur, dander, and the tracking of outdoor contaminants, pets can have a severe impact on your indoor air quality and HVAC efficiency. But not if you follow specific tips when you have a pet in the house.


When you should change the filter depends on various factors like family size, type of filter, the extent to which you are using an air conditioner, and whether you have pets or not. Usually, it would be best if you replaced or clean your filter every 2 to 3 months. But, when you introduce a pet in the family, that ‘furry being’ will increase the frequency of changing filters, probably every month. This will keep the place clean and have less strain on the HVAC system. Whenever your air filters are clogged, your HVAC system must work much harder to maintain airflow.

Pay extra attention to the quality of the air filter.

The cheaper the air filter will increase the frequency of its replacement. When you have high-quality air filters like HEPA air filters, it has the potential to remove more debris from the air. This would not only be helpful when you have pet hair but also when you have family members who have allergies. We, at Vital A/C Solutions, ensure to supply high-quality air filters, considering the health of our customers – Consult us for home air conditioner repair service with great offers!

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Grooming your pets regularly decreases the amount of shedding, which is good news for your air filters. When your pet is clean, and fur is trimmed, there are fewer chances of fur clogged in air filters and ducts, keeping the indoor air quality clean. Ensure to brush your dog every couple of days and apply products like powders and wash him with shampoos that would prevent shedding. Consult your Vet, who can suggest great products.



Pet hair and dander can pass through the air filters and block your ducts as well. Dander is the minute particles of skin that animals with fur or feathers shed. If you are allergic, then these can create health problems. When you inhale this contaminated air, your body can respond to it by coughing, sneezing, wheezing, or developing a clogged or running nose. Moreover, prolonged exposure to pet danger can also lead to bronchitis and other respiratory problems. Inspect your air ducts from a professional, and you will realize the amount of dust, debris, and pet hair gathered in the air duct. A professional would know the special equipment to reach the areas you likely wouldn’t be able to reach in your ductwork.

We recommend duct cleaning in 3 to 5 years from a certified and reliable professional company. We do reach out for home air conditioner repair services at your doorstep.


Airborne contaminants, especially in peak allergy season, cause a worsening of allergens, asthma, and respiratory illnesses. Grooming your pets regularly will keep some of the air and dander at bay. Keep your home clean, regular dusting and vacuuming will help keep your HVAC system from being affected or overloaded by removing the particles before they reach the system. If possible, keep your pets off beds and furniture. If you are willing to buy a new vacuum, then we recommend buying one with HEPA filtrations.


Just cleaning your air filters will not protect you from contaminated air. Remember to clear the air vents too! Vacuum off the air intake vents whenever you think of replacing your air filters. Moreover, go ahead and vacuum the vents that blow air, as well. Anything to help your system heat and cool more efficiently! Cleaning both types of vents will allow the system not to work as hard to circulate air through clogged vents. Whether you want your air vents cleaned or a home air conditioner repair service, you can rely on Vital A/C Solutions.


An air purifier can also help in keeping your home healthy! The sir purifier will reduce some of the burden placed on air filers as they help get rid of air in your house from most of the pet hair, dander, and other particles before they reach air filters. Installing a HEPA purifier will ensure up to 99.97% of pet dander is removed from the air in your house before it reaches your air filters.

Not only does air purifier protect from pet hair and dander, but they also reduce other airborne diseases or allergies. This a great news for your family members if they are suffering from any allergies like runny or stuffy nose and itchy eyes. Breathe fresh air with high-quality air purifiers!


Every pet loves to wander around in the house, as well as the backyard area. What will you do if your pet gets inquisitive and wants to inspect your outdoor air conditioner unit? For instance, a dog can claw on the unit and damage it by scratching it. This can eventually lead to damaging corrosion. Have a word with your HVAC professional regarding the proper enclosure to keep your pets and other animals away. You would not want your pet to urinate, destroying the fins and coils. You can fence around the unit, keeping it protected from the curiosity of your pets.


Your HVAC system requires servicing at least twice a year – once in the cooling season and once in the heating season. Maintenance is required for keeping your HVAC system running at an optimal level. It is even more essential for pet owners to identify concerns with the system due to the additional concerns that can be found because of pet hair and danger.

Those furry animals need all the unconditional love, and we are sure you want to give them. Don’t be afraid of loving them. Just maintain your family’s health and your most essential family member viz. your pet by keeping your air-conditioner in check from a professional regularly. The above tips would definitely give you a knack to take the right steps for protecting the environment in your home!


We at Vital A/C Solutions own a team of professionals in air conditioning repair, maintenance, inspection, tune-up, replacement, and installation. We offer services in Broward County and Palm Beach County in Florida and surrounding areas. We have 24/7 home air conditioner repair services as well. Contact us immediately!



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