In What Situations Do Air Conditioner Need More Refrigerants?

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In What Situations Do Air Conditioner Need More Refrigerants?

We all know that condenser, evaporator, compressor, air filter, blower fan, etc., are the AC parts that contribute to the soothing atmosphere we get at home, but what is the main element that keeps us cool? What circulates cool air indoors when we use our AC?

It is the Refrigerant.

The refrigerant is the liquid filled in AC during installation. Whether you have ductless AC or central air conditioning, the indoor unit of both systems is connected to the outdoor unit through a refrigerant line. This refrigerant line helps in the transfer of cool and hot air.

What leads to low refrigerant amounts?

If the refrigerant amount is too low to circulate, you will need to fix this problem by scheduling an air conditioning repair in Coral Springs. Curious to know what leads to low refrigerant amounts? There are two main reasons:

Coolant Leakage Due to Damage or Clogging

If your AC is dirty for too long, this will result in clogging. The clogging then blocks the way for refrigerants to move. Then the stagnant liquid will leak through the coil. This leakage will decrease the amount of coolant in your air conditioner.

Insufficient Filling of Refrigerant

Sometimes, the HVAC technician does not check the refrigerant requirement properly. Thus, the coolant they fill in your air conditioner during AC installation in Coral Springs is not enough to cool the room for a longer duration. It makes you struggle with ineffective cooling.

Signs That Indicate Low Refrigerant

Some AC malfunctions are the outcome of low coolant. These signs let you know if your air conditioner needs refrigerant.

The Air Conditioner Stopped Cooling

The main culprit is too low refrigerant if you are not getting any cool air from your air conditioner. The refrigerant is mainly responsible for the cool air. If there is not enough coolant, the AC will fail to cool. Weak airflow is also an outcome of insufficient refrigerant.

High Electricity Charges

When your AC has low refrigerant, the mechanism will have to work hard to provide you with cool air. This excessive hard work by AC adds expenses to your monthly electricity bills. Thus, you can observe a sudden rise in your utility bills when the AC unit needs refrigerant.

Too Much Humidity

If your AC cannot circulate cool air due to low refrigerant, your indoors will be occupied by hot air. This hot air will naturally increase the humidity level. Therefore, too much humidity is probably a result of too low coolant.


When you face these problems, hire an HVAC expert for AC repair in Coral Springs to know if you need refrigerant filling.

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