9 Signs that Indicate your AC Tune-up is Due!

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9 Signs that Indicate your AC Tune-up is Due!

It’s time to make sure that your air conditioning unit is functioning effectively and efficiently, through regular maintenance. It’s essential to keep your system in a good shape for smooth functioning for the long haul.

The simple solution is: Regular air conditioning tune-ups!

A timely AC tune-up can help you save money and avoid the hassle of repair expenses, especially during the hot summers.

If your AC is giving foul odor, poor airflow, and hot, sticky dog days, then these are signs that indicate that an air conditioner tune-up is long overdue.

It’s time to schedule an appointment for air conditioner maintenance with a professional agency like Vital AC Solutions located in Palm Beach County and Broward County, FL!

  1. 1. Weird noises coming from the AC:


It may be normal for your AC to make noises when it’s old. We would recommend you to some of the following sounds like:

  • hissing
  • whistling
  • buzzing
  • alarming bang

These are the signs of scheduling an AC tune-up. A buzzing sound is normally produced when airflow is partially obstructed as the unit tries to push air past the blockage. While humming sounds are a result of damaged blades or when the motor is dying out.

Listen to what your AC is telling you. Get it checked ASAP!

  1. 2. Sudden hike in utility bills


This is an indicator that your air conditioner is drawing more energy than usual. The main reason behind this is poor maintenance.

Also, an old AC tends to lose its efficiency due to irregular AC tune-ups. With time, the system has to work harder with the accumulation of dust and dirt blockages.

Regular AC tune-ups help save energy and extend the shelf life of your system.

Technicians at Vital AC Solutions will conduct a thorough evaluation of your unit to ensure that nothing is inhibiting the performance of your machine. We perform a pre-set list of assessments that we carry out throughout an air conditioning tune-up in Palm Beach County and Broward County, FL. 

  1. 3. System turns on and off constantly


There may be plenty of reasons why your air-conditioning unit might turn on and off frequently.

There may be some problems with your thermostat, or your cooling system is compensating by frequently starting by itself. There may be a situation wherein your unit is too small compared to the size of your room.

Thus, your system has to work extra hard to supply cool air to every nook and cranny of your house.

  1. 4. Leaking around the unit

Water accumulating near your air-conditioning system is a signal that your unit’s refrigerant is leaking out. If your air conditioner smells moldy, the general cause is the accumulation of water in the drain pan or drip lines (or ducts in case of ducted systems), which can cause fungus or mildew to grow.

The problem should be taken into consideration at the earliest before things get worse. Once you identify the source of the leak, contact a qualified technician to investigate and repair it.

  1. 5. Unable to control humidity levels


Summers can get extremely sticky. Your air conditioner is your ultimate survivor in maintaining your room’s humidity automatically. In such cases, the refrigerant of your AC system is low and needs immediate maintenance.

Also, your evaporator coil may not be able to cool the air and prevent the humidity. A quick tune-up works perfectly well to get your coils run effectively.

  1. 6. Emitting bad odor

Your AC may emit a bad smell due to several factors like wet filters, clog in the condensate drain line, or fungus build up. A stale and dingy smell coming from the vent indicates that your system’s wire insulation needs to be replaced.

Make sure you clean your air conditioning system to get rid of trapped and decaying animals that may give off a pungent smell. A regular AC tune-up means your unit is clean and well maintained. 

  1. 7. AC isn’t cooling properly

There may be chances your AC is blowing out room temperature or warm air. Here, you need to clean your air conditioner coils or replace it with a new one. Air conditioner tune-ups can prevent this issue and allow your air conditioner to fulfill its unique purpose.

Make sure you replace your filter frequently to prevent dust and grime, ruining your AC’s efficiency. You may all be aware that the air filter is one of the most critical components of your air conditioning system; thus, it should be replaced or cleaned for smooth and clean airflow.

The reason behind this issue is simple: When air isn’t able to flow properly throughout your AC, it makes the air feel warmer.

  1. 8. Change in thermostat readings dramatically

Are you noticing a change in thermostat readings from room-to-room?

Temperature fluctuations can be caused due to several things like sunlight, insulation, or air-tight windows. The best solution to all such woes is to schedule an annual AC tune-up to identify potentially severe causes of temperature changes.

You need to make sure that all the windows and doors in rooms with uneven temperatures are properly sealed.

  1. 9. Weak outflow of air

Uneven cooling of rooms can be a sign that there is something wrong with your air ducts or air filters. If you think that duct tape is the problem, then you are wrong!

It might also be that your air ducts are leaking, or you have missed replacing your air filters.

As said earlier, poor airflow can occur because of clogged filters, leaky ducts, or maybe both.

Dirty air filters prevent air from flowing smoothly through the system. Moreover, clogs can lead to expensive repairs and can cause allergies and other respiratory problems.

However, timely tuning is a great way to clear debris and other blockades for easy airflow.

So, the next time when you’re experiencing AC problems, look out for the following:

If you notice these issues hampering your AC performance, then call Vital AC Solutions. We are an expert in air conditioning tune-up in Palm Beach County, Broward County, Coconut Creek, Pompano Beach, and Boca Raton in Florida and surrounding areas.

Often AC tune-up is confused with regular AC maintenance. The truth is that they’re two different procedures as AC tune-ups include advanced treatment to improve your unit performance.

Here, technicians conduct a thorough evaluation of your unit, pinpoint every way to improve performance, and apply solutions to each point.

In contrast, regular maintenance focuses on ensuring that nothing is inhibiting the overall performance of your machine.

If you are looking for a reliable contractor for the task – Vital Air Conditioning and Heating is the right company to get your job done with utmost satisfaction!

What can you expect from Vital’s AC tune-up service?
As with our maintenance procedures, there is a pre-set list of evaluations that we carry out throughout an air conditioning tune-up. These evaluations include:

  • Cleaning the condenser coils
  • Evaluating electrical components and tightening components where necessary
  • Ensuring the coolant level and pressure is adequate.
  • Cleaning all the drains and filters
  • Verifying that the motor blade and fan are working optimally
  • Inspecting ductwork to ensure there are no leakages or blockages are inhibiting airflow.
  • A list of other inspection criteria to ensure that your machine is working as if it were brand-new.

It’s the right time to reinstate comfort in your home with air conditioning tune-up through Vital AC Solutions offering services in Palm Beach County, Broward County, Coconut Creek, Pompano Beach, and Boca Raton in Florida and surrounding areas. Contact us today!



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