Signs Your AC Needs A Dehumidifier

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Signs Your AC Needs A Dehumidifier

Living in Florida means experiencing hot and humid summers. This means your air conditioner works overtime to keep your home cool and comfortable. However, if you’re constantly feeling sticky and uncomfortable, it may be time to think a dehumidifier for your AC system.

Vital A/C Solutions, Inc., is your go-to company for air conditioning service in Margate, FL, and the surrounding areas. Our expert technicians are committed to ensuring your indoor air quality is top-notch by providing various air conditioner services, including installation, repair, and maintenance.

One common issue we encounter with many of our clients is excess humidity in their homes, which can lead to a host of problem, including discomfort, mold growth, and poor air quality. This is where a dehumidifier comes in convenient. In this blog, we will examine the signs that indicate your AC needs a dehumidifier.

One of the main causes you may need a dehumidifier is if you’re experiencing high humidity levels in your house. If the humidity level in your home are consistently above 60%, it can cause discomfort, promote the growth of mold and mildew, and actually damage your home’s structure. A dehumidifier will removes excess moisture from the air, making your home feel more comfortable and protecting your home from potential damage.

Condensation on Windows and Walls

Another sign that your AC needs a dehumidifier is if you notice condensation on your window and wall. When the moist, warm air comes into contact with a cool surface, it can cause condensation. If you notice the condensation on your windows and wall, it could be a indication that your AC isn’t effectively removing moisture from the air. A dehumidifier will help reduce the air’s moisture, preventing condensation from forming.

Musty Odors

If you notice that the musty odor in your home, it could be a indication of excess moisture in the air. Musty odors are often caused by mold and mildew growth, which can thrive in high-humidity environments. A dehumidifier will help decrease the moisture in the air, making it more difficult for mold and mildew to grow and reducing musty odors.

Allergies and Respiratory Issues

Excess moisture in the air can also exacerbate allergies and respiratory issues. When there is too much moistures in the air, it can make the perfect environment for the dust mites, which can trigger allergies and asthma symptoms. A dehumidifier will help lessen the moisture in the air, making it less hospitable for dust mites and reducing the likelihood of allergy and respiratory issues.

If you’re experiencing any of these cues with your AC, consider a dehumidifier for your system. Vital A/C Solutions, Inc. can help you choose the right dehumidifier for your house and install it quickly and efficiently. We also offer air conditioning maintenance in Coral Springs to ensure your dehumidifier works properly and keeps your home comfortable and healthy.

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