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4 Tips to Hire the Best HVAC Specialist…

Whether your home’s HVAC system needs repairs, replacements, or installations it’s still a technial project. This is why you want to consider hiring the best professional.

Oftentimes, some homeowners hire the cheapest companies. The problem is that often these companies oversell and under deliver.

AC’s are expensive, complex systems and should only be handled by experienced, licensed professionals. You want someone who will prioritize quality and comfort at reasonable rates.

To help you in your consideration process, here are four tips to help you hire a great HVAC technician.

1. Check their Credentials

First, it’s important to check for credentials. One great reference is the Better Business Bureau (BBB) which shows you the accredited company and it’s positive or negative history, as well as what certifications they have.


Different states or counties require varying things from technicians like a certificate of exams they passed, apprenticeship, or technical HVAC training. Whatever the case may be, you want to make sure their license is not expired. You want them to be up-to-date with the building codes and other important factors.

Two websites that can help you confirm this information are the Contractor’s License Reference Site and National Contractors.


It is essential to have a seasoned professional. They should not only meet the licensing and bonding requirements, but have the necessary experience to work in your home. Here are some questions you can ask your technician:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Have you worked part-time or full-time? (Full time is the best case)
  • Do you specialize in specific areas?
  • Are you experienced with my system, brand, or model? (Good to know if your system has newer technology)
  • What type of continued training or education have you had to keep up with technological changes?

Not only should your contractor have years of experience, but he should stay current with the latest technology and systems.

Some contractors have been doing the same thing for 15 years or more, but don’t keep up with the changes. That becomes problematic for you because the old way of things might not work and causes more problems for you if you have a newer system. At Vital A/C Solutions, Inc, We offer HVAC repair in Margate, FL. at an unbeatable cost. Our main motive only is customer satisfaction.


Word-of-mouth is often the best way to go. If you don’t have any references from friends or family you can request a list of your technician’s references.

A solid, reliable company will be able to provide you that information and once they do it is worth it to make the effort to call their former clients.

You may consider asking them about the quality of the service, the installation performance, the timetable, and if the job aligned with the budget.

2. Check their Versatility

You want to hire a specialist with relevant experience. You might have an energy-efficient, geothermal system or an old-school operating system with steam-driven radiators. Either way, you want to make sure your specialist’s experience is applicable to what you need.

If possible, it would be great to find a technician who has worked with most major HVAC systems and some of the less popular ones. Unless of course your system is rare which makes their specialized area exceptional to you.

The brands they primarily work with are also great to know. HVAC companies tend to carry a small selection and it affects the price estimates. This is taken into account with replacement or new heating and cooling equipment.

3. Get Everything in Writing

Not only will a great technician be able to answer your questions and educate you on what is required or needed, but they will have the information on paper. The overall scope of the project, details, time table, and estimates will be documented and prepared.

If you want to get compare quotes from at least a few companies that is highly advised considering the repairing, replacing, and installing expenses. While you compare it’s great to check for energy efficiency and warranties as well. A low price doesn’t guarantee quality efficiency and you may end up spending more than you wanted as a result.

It’s also important to sign a written proposal so there’s proof of the agreed project costs, warranties, and job schedule.

4. Expect a Follow Up

If you enroll in a company’s service contract program you can expect an annual follow up to make sure everything is working right.

An excellent company will make sure you are regularly serviced and have everything professionally maintained. This means they want to help extend equipment life span and improve efficiency so you get what you’re paying for.

They will take the time to inspect your system based on the house size, insulation level, windows, and duct system (if applicable).

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