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Top 5 Common AC Problems in South Florida

For those of us who live in the sunshine state we know that the weather isn’t always a tropical paradise. We inevitably face the unforgiving heat waves of the summer. Even in the cooler seasons the weather still gets well within 80 degrees.

Our greatest defense from the brutal heat is our AC, but what would happen if it stopped working properly?

ACs are so essential to our comfort and such a regular part of our daily routine that they are easily taken for granted. Without regular upkeep and maintenance in this climate, problems are bound to arise.

Here are five common, potential problems we should be vigilant about.

1. Leaking or Broken Refrigerant Lines

This is the most common and probably the most obvious to spot because there are temperature inconsistencies in the house. Even with the AC on it only gets hotter or warm air starts blowing.

Possible causes are cracks in the coils and lines which lead to low refrigerant in the HVAC system. It can be either an easy fix or a bigger problem. At Vital A/C Solutions, Inc, We offer AC repair in Coral Springs at an unbeatable cost. Our main motive only is customer satisfaction.

2. Clogged Drainage

A blocked drain can also be easy to fix or a bigger problem.

The good news is, if the clog comes from algae, mildew, or debris, it can be treated with half a gallon of vinegar.

The bad news is, it can cause water damage. When the AC is used, a moisture is created and directed away from the unit and house. When there is an issue in that draining process all the water will collect in the drainage pan until it overflows.

3. Old HVAC System

Even the best systems won’t last forever, and in the Florida heat and humidity that lifespan can be shortened. Sometimes it makes more sense to upgrade you unit to a more efficient and reliable system.

If you’ve added square footage to your home or would like to, the older HVAC system models tend to be too big and take up unnecessary space. They’re also inefficient and get overwhelmed from the workload.

4. Faulty Thermostat

There might be no need to replace the system. Sometimes the issue is simply the thermostat and repair is affordable.

It could be a mere battery issue or it may be set incorrectly. Other times it could be a case of worn down units from old analog thermostats. Notorious for inaccuracy, replacement is often the best course in this case.

The new and improved digital smart thermostats have higher accuracy and can even access Wi-Fi so, you can adjust the temperature wherever there is internet connection.

5. A Filthy Evaporator or Condenser

Unfortunately, these two are a source of great damage and happen quite often from a lack of regular cleaning. If they collect dust and debris, overtime they must work extra hard to meet the temperature on the thermostat.

The best times to clean them are in the spring and fall. Strong weather can also wear them out to the point of replacement.


Whether you are a homeowner or are on your way to being one, there are preventive measures you can take to stay cool and save money year-round.

Periodical cleaning is necessary and affordable for your HVAC system. Not doing them will cause malfunction and failure and replacements or new installations can be costly.

Problems can start off as a simple faulty thermostat and escalate to an expensive replacement of your HVAC system. The price for HVAC systems can range between $3,000-$6,000 or higher depending on brand, efficiency, and labor intensity, so don’t forget to appreciate your HVAC.

Remember, as you enjoy a cool summer afternoon in the comfort of your home, care for your cool, wonderful, working AC.

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