Why Does My AC Seem To Be Dripping Water?

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Why Does My AC Seem To Be Dripping Water?

Have you ever wondered how the hot air circulating in your home converts to cool air when you turn the AC on? The evaporator coil, filled with refrigerant, absorbs the indoor heat and transfers this hot liquid to the condenser. The condenser extracts the cool air from the refrigerant through condensation. This condensation process leaves excessive moisture near coils.

The moisture passes through the drip pan and moves outdoors through the drainage line. However, this process does not involve any leakage, and if your AC is dripping water, the condensation process is not the reason, but some other fault or damage.

Sometimes, you may notice that your AC unit is dripping water or you hear bubbling noises, which means that some internal problem is blocking the way for excessive water.

This excess water is leaking through the AC instead of moving out. The water leakage can damage your AC unit. The problems that cause AC dripping water are:

Clogged Drain Lines

We often forget to clean the drainage, but as various particles pass through the drain lines, some particles may get stuck there and clog the drain lines. This clogging will not let water drain outside.

Therefore, this problem makes stagnant water leak through the AC. Just pour some chlorine bleach into the drain lines and then flush it. It will remove all the unwanted particles that block the drainage.

A Faulty Condenser

A condenser throws the excess water out. If the condenser is damaged or faulty, it will not perform its function well. This inefficiency sometimes results in leakage. You will have to schedule an AC service in Fort Lauderdale, FL, to troubleshoot a faulty condenser.

Damaged Drip Pan

If a drip pan is broken or cracked, the water that should flow towards the drain line will leak through the cracks of the drip pan, causing your AC to drip water.

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty AC filter makes all other AC components dirty as it fails to trap the dirt particles. It will cause clogging in the AC filter and other AC components. The clogging will then affect the overall mechanism of your AC. It may result in refrigerant leakage.

Not Enough Refrigerant

Low refrigerant makes it hard for the evaporator coil and condenser to transfer the cool or hot liquid. It also results in the build-up of ice blocks on the coils. The ice, when it melts, leads to AC dripping water.

Contact the technician to refill the refrigerant to solve this problem. If your AC runs on Freon, you must look for an AC replacement in Fort Lauderdale, FL, as Freon has been banned in 2020.


Schedule AC service in Coral Springs immediately to avoid severe damage due to leakage. If you are struggling with a leaking AC unit, the long-lasting and reliable services of Vital A/C solutions is what you need. Text us to hire a technician for your HVAC system.



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