Why is My Air Conditioner Running Constantly?

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Why is My Air Conditioner Running Constantly?

Being hot and sticky in the summer is unpleasant, and running your AC for a long time may get costly. As we approach the summer months, now is an excellent opportunity to investigate the most common causes of your AC running all day.

You can use a few easy troubleshooting steps to either cure the problem or locate the root of the problem. There are several causes why your AC system may appear to be operating continuously. Get in touch with a professional for AC repair in Margate, FL.

Air conditioners are running more frequently than they should have two main problems. The more frequently your AC operates, the more energy it uses and the higher your power expenses. The second issue is that it will place a lot of strain on your system and its components, perhaps resulting in malfunctions and the need for repairs.

You might be Running your Air Conditioner Constantly for the following Reasons

Your Air Conditioner is Insufficient

When a new air conditioner is installed in your house, your contractor must check that the size is appropriate for the size of your home. If your air conditioner is very small, it will frequently run since it isn’t strong enough to fulfill your home’s cooling needs. The only option is to have an appropriately sized air conditioner installed in your house.

Your Air Conditioner is Starting to Fail

Various system components might become inefficient, requiring your air conditioner to operate considerably more frequently than it used to keep your home cool. A modern air conditioner will not only have shorter cooling cycles but will also use significantly less energy.

There are Air Leaks in your Home

Air leaks may form around windows and doors and in ducts. Because these leaks enable conditioned air to exit your home, your air conditioner must produce more cold air and operate more frequently than it should. To avoid this, plug any leaks in your property, particularly around your windows and doors.

Your Cooling Coils are Dirty

Your air conditioner works harder to remove heat from your house when the cooling coils are not clean. That’s why it’s so important to have them cleaned during an annual tune-up or to contact a professional for commercial air conditioning in Margate, FL.

Your Thermostat is Configured to Run Continuously

Your AC can only manage a certain temperature differential between inside and outside your home. If your thermostat is set to 65 degrees and the outside temperature is 95 degrees, your air conditioner must run continually to keep up.


It’s important to remember that on particularly hot days, your air conditioner will likely run more frequently than usual. Don’t be alarmed; as the temperature drops to more moderate levels, your cooling cycles will resume as usual. For more information on HVAC repair in Margate, FL, contact Vital A/C Solutions, Inc.



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