“I Could Not Recommend This Team More Highly.”

I am Dan Phillips. I am the president of the board of directors at Waters Edge at Deerfield, a community of almost 300 units. I’ve been looking forward to doing this testimonial because I have a unique perspective on Vital A/C. There was a time when Warley was my employee. There was a time when I was Warley’s employee.

And now he is my friend; he is my A/C serviceman, and I am a very delighted customer. So very quickly, I’ll just tell you, in 2010, we were looking for a community maintenance supervisor. Our property management company, First Service Residential, recommended this young man, who had not any experience as a community maintenance supervisor at that time, but they said he had a great attitude.

He’s bilingual. They said this is a great guy. Would you take a chance on him? And so we did. And we were so happy that we did. He’s a hard-working man. He’s a man of integrity. If he said he would do something, he would get it done. We were absolutely delighted. And during his time with us, he put himself through A/C school.

So he was learning how to fix air conditioners, which was great. And that’s when I first became a customer before Vital A/C ever was, because he was helping me keep my air conditioner running. There was a time when another company whose name you would recognize if you see, they’ll build words all over Broward County and he told me that I needed a new unit, and it would be thousands of dollars. And I asked Warley for a second opinion.

And for $200, he had a unit which is still working today, blowing cold and working great. So in 2015, Warley came to us and said, Yeah. I really appreciate the opportunity you’ve given me here, but I will start my own air conditioning company. And so, with regrets, we wish him well to this day. Everyone thinks the world of him on our board of directors, and Warley started, and Vital A/C was really vital in a truck.

Today, Vital A/C has, as you said, 18 employees and ten trucks.

The company had just continued to grow. In 2019, I was going through some bad times, and Warley hired me to come and work in this office here in the inside sale. So I got to see how the sausage was made. Okay? Now, you’ve all heard that phrase.

You don’t want to see how sausage is made. I am here to tell you that I worked here for a year and watched it happen. And I saw the integrity that is the backbone of this business. Warley and I one time, we’re having a meeting talking about core values. And Warley said, Look, the first thing must be integrity.

The second thing is customer service, delivering an exceptional experience to our customers. That’s what I watched this company strive to do for the year I worked here. I saw the sausage being made, and the sausage is good. So now I’ve moved on to other things, but I continue to call Vital A/C.

Warley’s team will come out for my regular maintenance in a couple of days. I could not recommend this team more highly. They are people of integrity. They are hardworking. They’re not looking to sell you a new A/C unit. They are looking to give you the best deal, if that means making your A/C work and continuing it to move along.

That’s what they’ll do. If you need to do a unit, they’ll give you a fair price. I highly recommend them to a number of people in our community who use Vital A/C Solutions. I see the trucks in our large community all the time, so I’m not the only happy customer. There are lots of us at Waters Edge. So, Warley, I thank you.

I appreciate your function. I appreciate your integrity.

You need to call these folks. If you haven’t already, this is the company you want to use.

Dan Phillips
Deerfield Beach, FL

Dan Phillips And Warley

“If He Said He Would Do Something, He Would Get It Done.”

“They Are People Of Integrity. They Are Hardworking.”

“I Won’t Call Anybody Else Except For Vital AC”

Hi there, I’m Eric Willner. I’m the host of The Real Estate Show, South Florida’s number one program about real estate and America’s longest-running show about real estate, but I’m also a property manager and a real estate investor. And I asked Warley to come over to the house today because I’ve got another job for you. Warley’s been my AC guy for at least five years.

I met Warley through a referral. They told me that he was a reliable guy, somebody who would be affordable, and as a property manager, managing lots of properties was very important for me. So I met him over there. I remember I met him over there for the first time, and it was at one of our nicer rental properties. And he came over there in his nice uniform, the nice trucks that you have.

It was the peak of the summer. That was right too. And obviously, nobody wants to wait for an air conditioning guy. So it was nice. He came over, and in fact, I was surprised the owner came over to take a look. And he went in, and he did some troubleshooting, and he walked around, looked at the outside, looked at the inside, and a little while later, he solved the problem. We were cool again, the tenant was cool, and everybody was very happy.

So the reason why I brought you here today is, as you can see, I’ve got another big project, and you know I won’t call anybody else except for Vital AC. This house here is a beautiful house with great bones. It’s been sitting empty for many years now. So obviously, one of the things that happen when people don’t take care of their air conditioning units, that the air conditioning units, they run better when they run.

You’ve always been very, very, in fact, amazingly affordable. So that’s been really good. And the other thing, I have to tell you that what I really like about this is that when you say you’re going to come, you come.

When you say you’re going to fix something, I can always trust the fact. Nowadays I send you out to go to our rental properties. I don’t even have to go and meet you there anymore.

Eric Willner
Real Estate Show | Host

Eric Willner And Warley

“Warley’s Been My Ac Guy For At Least Five Years”

“Amazingly Affordable”

“When You Say You’re Going To Fix Something, I Can Always Trust The Fact.”

“He Is The Only Company That I Would Highly Recommend”

Good morning. My name is Walter Blackburn. I’m with Blacksmith Realty Group, and we have been doing real estate brokerage on the waterfront in this area for over 40 years. Warley asked me to do a testimonial.

I don’t do testimonials normally because there are so many people that service our industry that it’s very difficult to find somebody that you in your heart trust. But I’ve gotten to know Warley, I’ve gotten to know his company and his people, and I can tell you the only AC guy that I do recommend highly is Vital AC, and I’ll tell you why.

Every time a realtor recommends somebody that’s attached to that realtors integrity, and integrity is not a switch you switch off and on, you either have it or don’t have it. And I find that Warley and his company have integrity, and I will be happy to associate that with my recommendation.

I’ve used him many times because I have a lot of clients that need different levels of service. They need their AC checked, and they may need it changed, they may need just a little switch. But I can trust Warley and his company to tell you the truth, not to add on, which is very important.

So again, I must tell you that he is the only company that I would highly recommend from my experience in the past. He is the best.

Walter Blackburn
Blacksmith Realty Group

Mr. Blackburn And Warley

“I Will Be Happy To Associate That With My Recommendation.”

“He Is The Best.”

“Highly Recommend Him For Any Projects”

We’re actually standing in K-Line Impact Windows and Doors, but Warley I met on the other side of the fence at K-Line Construction. We do commercial build-outs.

I used Warley for the first time about six years ago on a smaller project, on a subway, and then we moved him over on a very big scale project on a department of corrections building that we did a large-scale build-out, multiple AC units.

I tell you what, it was the most professional, always on time. The client loved them, all my other trades, all my other subs worked great with them, and he worked great with them, and it went flawless.

After that, I used them continuously, and I still use them today; and a matter of fact, just recently, he and I did a walkthrough at a new customer.

He literally saved this customer thousands of dollars because he saw that the tonnage and the way that the AC units for this particular build-out were set up, and he literally was just like, “Hey, you know…” The customer was there too, and he talked to me on the side, and he’s very professional that way, and I related to the customer.

I said, “Look, this is just the advice. We can move forward with how you have it in the plans, but it’ll save you quite a bit of money,” and to no advantage or disadvantage of Warley, it was just a phenomenal thing.

The customer’s over the top, and we just did the build-out, and it went super smooth and all just on the advice and the knowledge from Warley and Vital AC. Highly recommend him for any residential or commercial projects.

Brian Kline
K-Line Impact Windows and Doors

Warley And Mr. Kline

“The Client Loved Them”

“He Literally Saved This Customer Thousands Of Dollars”

“They’re Very Professional, Very Respectful”

Thanks. I’m a realtor here in the Palm Beach area, and I was introduced to Warley and brought him in on one of my flips. Ever since then, I’ve been using Warley on my properties and also in my home. I’m a single woman, and I’m sure everybody gets a little skeptical when you’re having men coming in and/or getting quotes that you’re being taken advantage of, And Warley has always been very honest and truthful.

His crew comes in. They’re very professional, very respectful. And I just can’t say enough about the quality of service that I get.

I’m also the founder of a nonprofit organization called Operation 120, and we provide supportive housing to at-risk and homeless female veterans. And so when Warley found out about our organization, he was the first to come in and step up and “How can I help you in any way I can?” So he has serviced our units at home, and he’s also become one of our ambassadors and giving back to the community. So I’m so grateful for Warley and his team in Vital Air.

Renette Verhaeghe
Palm Beach, FL | Realtor

Warley And Renette Verhaeghe

“Warley Has Always Been Very Honest And Truthful.”

“I Just Can’t Say Enough About The Quality Of Service That I Get.”

“If You’re Not a Vital Client Yet, You Must Be.”

My name is Rickson Amorim. It’s a pleasure to be here speaking for the Vital AC Company. I am a happy and satisfied client, customer. They never let me down. I’ve been with them for about four or five years. We’ve had a lot of things on the way and I do have an interesting story. It was last year on Halloween, a terror story.

We had guests in our home, and we’re going to take the kids out to enjoy the day and celebrate. But then guess what happened? The AC stopped working. Oh my goodness. It was crazy. The kids were like, “What’s going on? What’s going on? The AC’s not working. How are we going to sleep?” It was like 10 o’clock at night. And then I called someone at Vital AC. I did not expect they’d send someone here, but they did.

Warley actually came from the comfort of his home. He was like, “I’m going to save you.” And then he came. That’s unusual. You don’t see that in a regular business today. Most likely, they’re going to say, Oh, this is Saturday. It’s Halloween night. I’ll see you next time on Monday. Right?

And he came, he fixed it, and we were able to sleep in the comfort of our home. And our guests were able to sleep, as well. So that to us, it’s priceless. Know that you’re being cared for. You’re being taken care of. So that’s amazing.

Thank you for everything you do for us. If you’re not a Vital client yet, you must be.

Rickson Amorim
Home Owner

Rickson Amorim And Warley

“I’ve Been With Them For About Four or Five Years.”

“It’s Priceless Know That You’re Being Cared For.”

“I Recommend You To Everyone”

Hi, this is Ashley from Leg First Chiropractic. I’ve been using Vital AC for about four years now. They do regular maintenance on both my office units and my home units. Twice a year, we get regular maintenance. We also got a new unit installed in our house and it is working amazing.

Everybody at Vital AC is super friendly, knowledgeable, and they get back to you ASAP. And the worst thing that can happen in Florida summer is having no AC. So make sure you call Vital AC to get all of your AC repaired and maintained before the heat of summer.

Yesterday we were having a problem with our AC here in the office and we were sweating of course cause it’s almost 90 already. And they were here almost the same day. They came out, they fixed whatever needed to happen. And today we can put on our sweaters and we’re not sweating in here. So thank you, Vital AC. I recommend you to everyone.

Ashley Turus
Leg First Chiropractic

Ashley Turus

“I’ve Been Using Vital Ac For About Four Years Now.”

“Make Sure You Call Vital AC”

Testimonials In Portuguese

“Eu Recomendo a Vital de Olhos Fechados”

Olá pessoal, meu nome é Rickson Amorim e eu sou cliente da Vital há uns 4 anos. Desde a nossa primeira casa aqui, na primeira troca do ar-condicionado, a gente já escolheu eles para poder nos servir, cuidar da nossa família, do conforto… E a gente nunca, nunca ficou na mão com eles.

E eu tenho uma história muito engraçada, no final do ano passado. No dia do Halloween tinha uma festinha, tinha uns lugares para poder ir e levar as crianças. E era umas 10, 11 horas da noite, bem tarde da noite, o ar-condicionado quebrou! Olha só que noite de terror, literalmente, né?! E aí eu rapidamente tentei entrar em contato com alguém da Vital para poder ver se eles me davam um auxílio pelo telefone.

Eu não tinha expectativa de ser atendido naquela mesma noite. Mas aí é aquilo que eu te falo né, quando a pessoa trabalha com propósito, com paixão, ela quer realmente servir os clientes dela, ela faz de tudo para isso acontecer. A gente teve a graça de ter o Warley vindo na nossa casa, consertado o ar-condicionado naquela mesma noite.

E a nossa família, os nossos amigos, a gente tinha visitas em casa… Todo mundo dormiu bem e todo mundo dormiu no conforto do ar-condicionado. E eu sei que ele sacrificou para vir aqui nos atender. Então assim, esse é o cuidado, é o carinho que a Vital tem com todos os seus clientes. Não é porque foi comigo, talvez se fosse com o meu vizinho ou com outro amigo, eles fariam a mesma coisa.

Então eu não me canso de falar, eu recomendo a Vital de olhos fechados. Você está em boas mãos se você é cliente da Vital AC. Obrigadão, viu?!

Rickson Amorim
Proprietário Da Casa

Rickson Amorim E Warley

“A Gente Nunca, Nunca Ficou na Mão Com Eles”

“Você Está Em Boas Mãos Se Você É Cliente da Vital AC.”

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